Friday 1 May 2009

Parks to be proud of

Councillor Robert Pyne knows when his community shows pride in its public parks.

"We often see a big drop in vandalism and anti-social behaviour," the Division 3 Councillor says. "This is just one of the reasons it has been so enjoyable to see two local parks named after local families and given an enhanced status."

Robert says that it also makes identification easier for locals as two local parks have be renamed, one in Bayview and one in White Rock.

Harold and Hazel Khalu moved to White Rock in 1956 and the Khalu family has been an important part of the community ever since. The park at the end of Whitton Street, between Cavalcade and Tiffany Streets was officially named ‘Khalu Park’ by Cairns Regional Council last year.

"The park at the corner of Anderson Road and Fairview Street is much loved by residents in the Bayview area," Robert Pyne says. "The park has been named Ben Wilson Park, in honour of local Bayview resident, who passed away last year."

Wilson was a volunteer for the Anglican Church and one of the key figures in the establishment of Trinity Anglican School, 25 years ago.

"I thank Council staff for having the park in top condition for the opening in April," Robert said.

(Photo: Courtesy Cairns Bulletin)

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