Wednesday 27 May 2009

Some poll thoughts

Tony Bridgewater of Reef Charter dive company, a regular CairnsBlog follower, has been thinking about this week's Bog poll, and wanted to add some things...
  • Is selling M&M’s by different colour a separatist action?
  • Staring at my rear view mirror as cars who are shocked to see 60kph on a highway, approach a bit too quickly.
  • Rubber-Necker’s north of Cairns as they watch another person who didn’t slow to 60 and one that did exchange phone numbers.
  • Reliance on government handouts and subsidies.
  • Media’s lack of reporting and research.
  • Conservationists that jump on the bandwagon without research or talking to the people affected.
  • How many social functions we have to attend in Cairns

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