Sunday 10 May 2009

It’s cold in them thar’ hills

CairnsBlog commentator, John from Kuranda, in a media release embargoed until Monday morning, announces that the seasons have changed.
"The Bligh government knew that this would occur, and knew this before going to an early election, but decided not to tell anyone," he said exclusively to CairnsBlog.

John commented this evening on the fact that it was so cold in Kuranda that he needed to put on his Ugg boots for the first time this year.
"It appears that Kurandaites should 'get used to' colder nights and greater and earlier seasonal usage of their Ugg boots."

"Labor promised Kuranda residents we would have less Ugg Boot nights this year, and having to put them on this early in the year without fair warning, makes us understandably angry" John.

"At a time when people are most concerned about potentially losing their warmth, Kurandaites will be understandably angry about the Bligh Government's relaxed attitude towards excessive early Ugg Boot nights."

“Kevin Rudd’s policy on Climate Change has done nothing to ensure that Kurandaites had adequate time to take their Ugg Boots out of storage before the weather became so cold”, he stated.
John said he should be expecting to see the announcement of an early-warning Ugg Boot scheme in Tuesday’s federal budget, but doubted that this would occur.

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