Wednesday 27 May 2009

King is back, oh dear

I've been waiting with baited breath, and on Sunday we were't let down. Not one bit.

The former Cairns Post Chief of Staff and Weekend feature shock writer, Gavin King, is back and up to his usual standard.

His first column in the Sunday Mail, credibly keeps his Post reputation in tact. I'm concerned that King's piece is dominating Terry Sweetman's page however. I quite like Terry and I am sorry he now has to share his space with Gavin King, the literary equivalent of a car crash in Manunda.

Sweetman is an experienced writer and comes across as a decent and honest journalist of the old school. However, alongside the quality of King's diatribe, it brings the tone of the paper down. I think it must be offensive to Sweetman to be on the same page, as he's the total opposite. I can't see how it's going to last very long.

If you missed it, here it tis to go with your afternoon coffee.


S. North said...

Can't King keep his carping misogynism under wrap for one column? Oh...I forgot, he likes to get stuck into wheel chair bound men as well.

Tony Hillier said...

His sphere of operation might have moved from Cairns to BrisVegas, but the right-wing misogynist is still sinking his rancid gums into female labor pollies. Can't he find any other targets for his dire diatribes?

Dutchie said...

Gaving King is right. He should have gone to a psychiatric ward. And stayed there.

Nakcadamius said...

Baited breath? Been getting stuck into the tackle box again, Michael?

I agree with you on Sweetman's column, always thoughtfully written and worth a read. Shame it has been bumped downpage so we can have Anna compared to a condom. WTF?

Syd Walker said...

And they wonder why the circulation of these rags trends downwards?

This piece is sordid, petty, unfunny, spiteful, self-obsessed and boring.

Presumably News Corp has a reason for wanting to put the heat on the Bligh Government at this time? If so, I doubt they'll share it with their readership. That's business, after all!

I'd view this hit piece as a paid ad. King appears to be a copywriter for the big boys at News Corp. Not much good at that, either, from what I see. I doubt many readers made it past the first column.

Father Garry said...

Friends, Anger is an understandable emotion when Gavin King touches our lives in some way.

Veritable vituperative King is no low speed suburban prang, He's Hi-way road kill (Please don't think I'm cruel.... to road kill, that is) Gavin's most prized literary trophy for his contribution to public writing is a letter stating exactly the stench and all manor of vicarious processes at work when Gav through up this contribution into the Newspapers and streets of the far north. But on a positive note, insanity and suicide decreased in Alice Springs when King departed....and early results/stats starting to show Far north mental health improvement commencing day King went south........I still feel good about that

However we must remain strong. There are some very normal people in Brisbane who probably need someone to warn them of increased health risks, especially to all minority groups, and other small and large businesses unable to pay their dues to the new local thug.......

Bryan Law said...

Wowee Chowee, the King has stayed in the building and given the Cap’n a severe taunting. I think he deserves a prize for the reaction from vaguely leftoid males of a certain age. Chivalry is not dead, (but it is in the hands of people perhaps otherwise unknown for their mainstreamingness). If these grey old men could just lay hands on Gavin, I can see the headline now: “Scribe Screams as Scrotum Seperated”.

How dare he have a go at “Integrity Anna”, especially after the election when her actions are on view – instead of merely forward cast policies. I for one feel reassured that racism and paternalism are under no threat in Queensland, and that the Unions can still go and get fucked as far as the Queensland Premier is concerned. On’ya Gav for letting us know that Joh has turned into Jo.

Lee Stuart said...

Come on Bryan - you don't seriously expect people to see King's article as an informative political critique of Bligh's performance? It is just self-indulgent mysogonist rubbish and should be derided as such.

Syd Walker said...


No one questions anyone's right to 'have a go' at the Premier.

But there are ways of doing it that have substance, and ways that lack sustance. There are ways that are coherent and others that are incoherent. There are ways that are interesting, informative and witty - and other ways that are dull, vacuous and irritating.

In each case, Gavin chose the latter way. Perhaps he has no choice?

One other thing, Bryan. If you make one more references to white/leftist males as a tactic to sneer at and denigrate someone else's views, I'll publicize the shocking fact that you are, in reality, a white male too - and that until menopause you also seemed happy to be known as some manner of leftist.

Bryan Law said...

Syd, I'll appreciate till the day I die yet one more kind offer from a boring chivalrous whitefella to instruct me on what's proper.

"When about to tuck into a salad and watercress sanger, one ort ensure it has proper substance in it by applying the BuckPal substance detector and weighing machine, currently under patent application in Tel Aviv".

As for wit and humour, I quite like the photo. If I saw Jo/Anna going anything with that look on her dial, I'd be calling the child protection unit long and hard enough to get past its auto queau.

As for my heritage, what can I say? Live long and prosper.