Sunday 24 May 2009

Brotherly love

When McLindon brothers, Aidan and Tristan ran in the recent Queensland State election, they videoed their experiences during the four week campaign.

29 year old Aiden, a former Logan City councillor, won the Beaudesert seat in the March election for the Liberal National Party, beating ALP's Brett McCreadie. The notorious Pauline Hanson trialed third place. His younger brother Tristan, came a respectable second in the neighbouring Logan seat, behind ALP's John Mickel.

Aiden's early departure as a Logan Councillor, sparked anger about the by-election cost at around $30,000. He is also advocating lowering the voting age to 17, in line with the army entry level, and wants to get more youth interested in politics.

"I joined the army at 17 - so if you can take a bullet for your country or sit behind a wheel of a vehicle, then you should have the right to vote."

As an innovative campaign fundraiser, the brothers bought and sold two personalised rego plates on eBay, starting at just at 99c. The ALP number plate sold for $2,005 and LNP for $1,025.

"I think politics is in our blood. Grandad was a die-hard Labor supporter so he'd probably be turning in his grave with us both running for the LNP," Aiden said at the time.

Here's part 1 of the lads video story (below), followed by Part 2.

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