Sunday 17 May 2009

Cairns Post blames Yachtie collapse on decay!

In another stunning bit of pre-emptive churnalism, the Cairns Post blamed Friday's roof collapse on the building decay.
  • "Since its controversial relocation from Trinity Inlet waterfront to James Cook University last year, many have fretted it had been left to decay.....

    Their fears were confirmed when a section of the building collapsed about lunchtime yesterday."

Read the real story here, and you'll see that the blame for the roof trusses falling in, lies with the contractor who simply didn't brace the A-frames after he installed them four weeks ago.

Additionally, the wind assisted when the trusses simply were not fixed into place. This had nothing to do with the building's age or 'decay' as the Post would have you believe.

Undoubtedly, the flooring will now be severely damaged, following the tons of roof timber plummeting onto it.

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