Sunday 10 May 2009

Twitter ya fav Blog

In a vain attempt to appear hip, cool, a Gen-Xer and with it, I've started Twittering.

Being an anti-geek, I usually resist these new fan-dangled nerdy things, but I have it on good advice that the emergence of Twitter is yet another way of showing the old media (you know, those things called newspapers and telly) are enjoying a slow painful death.

I'm a newb on this one, but basically Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that people share short 140 character messages known as tweets. Anyone can subscribe and you can do this via the web or on your mobile phone. It's often been called the 'SMS of Internet'.

ABC Far North have 58 followers. So, if Stephen Fry can do it while stuck in a lift, and Wil Anderson can tell dick jokes for cash, then I obviously need to get on board.

You can work out what it's all about here.

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