Friday 15 May 2009

Alley Project

Cairns' most unique open-air party will take place on Saturday night, in an alley.

Whilst bloggers like myself, may have an undeserved reputation, to hang around dark alleys in the dark of night, looking for a scoop, whilst Cairns Post 'reporters' are tucked up in their air-conditioned apartments, this is one I won't be missing.

The alley, just along from Taste.y on Grafton Street, is fast becoming a hive of funky cafes and alternative shops.

However, the venue for this Saturday's party, is in the alley right next door to the second-hand bookshop (across the road from Gilligans backpackers). And it's no ordinary alley, after having a makeover that included 120 litres of paint and hundreds of spray cans. The 75 meter northern wall has been transformed into a visual feast, under the direction of Cairns street artist Daniel Wallwork. I'll blog some photos of the project separately separately.

This is a stunning utilisation for what was an empty lane-way. It has the feel of a funky Melbourne hideaway.

The Alley party goes from 4pm till midnight, and is supported by Josie at Taste.y, her partner Oliver, who is opening Caffiend Cafe in the alley, and the Upholstery public arts project.

Entry is by donation, and there'll be a cash bar, with live DJs.

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