Saturday 30 May 2009

Kuranda Range Road speed increased

With local motorists’ attention fixed mainly on the reduction of speed at the Captain Cook Highway's multiple roundabouts, the speed limit on a section of the Kuranda Range Road has actually been increased. The section known to Kurandovians as the “long uphill overtaking stretch” has been increased to 70 kph.

Although less than the previous limit, the 10 kph increase will be welcomed by many.

Waiting for the errant motorist at the top has been has been the pastime of the police for many months – and from frequent observation it has been a good contributor to the Treasury coffers.
Wonder what will balance the budget now?

1 comment:

Fosnez said...

Clearly they should just change all speed limits to 10 kph and make a person walk infront of the car carrying a red flag like they used to in the old days.