Saturday 16 August 2008

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  • This is Michael's Blog. Kinda cool eh? All I wanted was a small vegetable patch and I ended up with this monster.

    I think everyone's feed up with hearing about this rebel imported Kiwi stirrer who single-handedly brought down the former Cairns Mayor Kevin Byrne, and every one of his Unity Party Councillors. He never got a box of chocolates as a reward. I mean, how sad is that.

    Mr Byrne, as he is known these days, tried to sue Michael for defamation twice. He never go too far, and it was the then Mayor's attempt to silence the emerging Blogger from speaking out in words of more than two syllables about his fancination with annual holidays to China on the public ratepayer purse.

    He also helped or hindered (the jury is still out) the new Mayor Val Schier to get elected as our first female city leader. Truth be known, it was simply about a change in local government in Cairns that was needed before every tree was chopped down.
    The photo above, is the only known photo in existence of Mike and Mayor Val, and for legal reasons, we are not allowed to remove it. It is also a shameless effort to appear close with those at the top of our city gravy chain.

    Michael, or Mike as he prefers, used to be a right wing capitalist wanker. Now he's a self confessed left-middle wing capitalist wanker. He's easy to get on with, and as a Taurus likes things to happen right bloody now.

    Michael Moore thinks he's smart, intelligent, good-looking, but he's in the media and marketing business, so I'd question everything he writes, even this.
    And this.

    If you want to waste 10 minutes of your life, read Michael's brief life history. It's not complete, as he's left all the juicy bits out.


  • Syd lives on a hill, more than 300 metres above sea level with two dogs. He is interested in global survival, politics, civil liberties, fruit and walking. He writes occasional articles for CairnsBlog and listens to Fox News while asleep.

  • A faint relation of God Davis, Rod or so some new age voice says, is a writer of some considerable bluster and madness.

    Hell, Port Douglas even elected this bloke as their one time leader. But then Rod got amalgamated , chlorinated and fluoridated into oblivion. Well almost oblivion. Mr Davis, a Bachelor of something I forgot, and was once a suit and director of the countries’ most prolific big bad developers, a now dead developer that everyone else has now forgotten.
    He’s sailed the world but only got half way. He’s built and run his own hotel. And even built and run his own radio station. Both were great fun ways to make a small fortune. Out of a big fortune.

    He’s a greenie, and for a hobby the weirdo spend years working up that well, may not save the planet, but hey, some solar hydrogen boating is all the fashion darlings. Isn’t your 36m extreme trimaran hydrogen powered sweetie? He aided, dick in hand, the reincarnation of two old previous life gems, now technically Rod’s fabb kids.

    He rides fast bikes up and down stuff, specialising is being under, rather than on-top of moving bikes. He still does radio shows under special agreement with deaf libel lawyers, and specializes in political piss-takes, and the madder, or weirder side of, um, everything. You can find him on some distant Asian mountain top on a previous life tour, or sacred site somewhere. Including the odd bar.

    He is a conspiracy theorist that is all conspiracy and no theory. Read what he says and weep. Or cry, with laughter, or whatever mood takes ya fancy. This guy is insured by HIH, and AIG, and funded by Lehman don’t mess with his libel lawyers.


  • Like Shrek, Bryan Law lives in a swamp at Manunda and has one or two minor issues adjusting to normal life. He is the only man in Cairns to be twice rejected for membership of the Far North Greens (for being too Green), and has been kicked out of CAFNEC in the past for being too disrespectful of authority. There’s no doubt Bryan is a touch independent, anarchistic even.

    Bryan is one of the few people anywhere in the world that has been sued for defamation by a newspaper (the Cairns Post) instead of vice versa, and has been treated by state and federal governments and private corporations over the past 30 years to a free legal education in magistrates, civil, supreme and appellate courts. Mostly known in court, as the accused and/or the respondent, Bryan has occasionally risen to the role of applicant (but mostly that role is too expensive).

    Bryan is a strong believer in democracy, and in the ability of human beings to wield democratic power both individually, and in organised groups. In the absence of community political organisation, the institutions of civil power become rigid and despotic. Democracy only functions when the electorate is informed and active.

    So Bryan contributes to Cairns Blog as part of an activist life. See
    Cairns Peace by Peace for details of peace campaigning, and Yacht Club Cairns for a current campaign he’s supporting with nonviolence training and organising.

    Bryan says he’d love to see Cairns
    Blog become a site which facilitates attention and critical thinking by those who are prepared to act on their beliefs.


  • Current political persuasion..... Independent
    Mulgrave Shire Councillor 1976/1989 and 1994
    At the time of my election I was the youngest ever elected to any form of Government in Australia
    President of the Friends of the Botanic Gardens 1990/2000
    Cairns/Mulgrave Council representative on the Cairns Hospital Board
    Founding Trustee and Director of the Cairns Regional Gallery
    Foundation Chairman of 'Cairns Forum' 1998/1999. I do note that the Establishment, which Byrne is part there of, has recently formed a group with an identical name.


  • This guy, or girl, or maybe even a mute leftover from the Cairns Post reshuffle last year. We can't really reveal the sex of our mouse, suffice to say CairnsBlog's favourite cartoonist and political satirist, is a unique addition to our regular stable of contributors.

    If you want to meet him/her, suggest you keep a watchful eye late in the night around the back alley of Gilligan's in Grafton Street... just next to the dumpster.

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