Friday 29 August 2008

No help from Labor

If the People Against Demolishing the Cairns Yacht Club were hoping for support from the Rudd Labor Government to save the Cairns Yacht Club, their hopes were dashed this morning in the Senate, with the Government opposing a Motion successfully moved by Senator Macdonald.

It calls on Mr Garrett to fast track the Emergency Listing Request for the Yacht Club under the National Heritage Guidelines.

Senator Macdonald said that the Senate agreed with the Motion which will place more pressure on Mr Garrett to approve the Emergency Listing Request for the Cairns Yacht Club.

“Labor Senators opposed the Motion, and they disregarded the 10,300 signatures of the petition presented to the Queensland State Government," Macdonald says. "The State Government has washed its hands of the issue and has advised that the building will be demolished shortly.
“I am hoping that Mr Garrett will soon recognise the heritage value of the building and it’s significance to Cairns."

He called on Garrett to accept the will of the Senate and as a matter of urgency fast track the Heritage listing of the Cairns Yacht Club, before it is too late.

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Anonymous said...

This is not really a Federal Government issue.
It belongs solidly in the realm of Local and State Government. It is all too easy to forget that previous Cairns City Councils knocked down all the other waterfront buildings, including the Barbary Coast hotels.
Increasingly, people here are living in the NOW, with no regard to past decisions, or what brought us to this point in time. The last Mayor of Cairns, passionate about preserving the historical precincts and character of Cairns, was Mayor Goodwin who was killed early into his tenure as Mayor.