Monday 4 August 2008

Dennis is watching

A little dickey bird tipped me off about former Cairns Mayor's side kick and executive secretary Dennis Quick, who is behind a mysterious new local blog Cairns Watch

He says "it’s interactive and provides for alternative views across a range of subjects."

"Have a look and let me know what you think. Pass it on to others as well, the more the merrier, as we need to have a range of ideas and opinions out there, rather than a single focus from one side," Quick says.

I couldn't agree more. Just the reason I set up CairnsBlog over a year ago. I've made a myriad or friends in all the wrong places.


Anonymous said...

Not very original is he, considering property valuers Herron Todd White have been putting out a monthly property report called Cairns Watch for years. I am sure it is nothing to do with Quicky's blog.

Anonymous said...

Well done Denis !!
Beautiful layout, easy to read, and I guess a platform for Kevin Byrne to launch a bid for the next Mayoral race.

Anonymous said...

Interesting but Punshon wrote on this in the Weekend Compost as a blog battle between Cairnsblog and Cairnswatch .... and quoted 'Quicky' as spruiking that his 'blog' would be issues based and contain no defamatory material.

Which is interesting because when I looked at the weekend there no reference to an issue of any kind on the website and simply a highly personalised analysis of councillors.

What a stinking hypocrit!

Anonymous said...

For the self proclaimed ex mayor of Babinda

Anonymous said...

Re Thersites:

Cairns Watch is a thing of beauty, with no pattern of ugly presentation and if Thersites had the wherewithal to look beyond what really is a balanced presentation of Councillors, he/she would note many concise and accurate postings on issues at local, state and federal levels; but obviously a myopic and ugly view on the world goes with the nature of the soul and body.

Additionally, your comment is hardly in the tradition of Thersitism - a subtle, veiled, yet pointed critique. Some wider reading might be of benefit - including an Oxford Concise dictionary for spell checking, and CairnsWatch!

Anonymous said...

And try as I might, I could not find any observations about Catholic Priests and 4 year olds.

A great site Dennis, and a very accurate analysis of the current Councilors.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hegelian Thersitism may be subtle in a literary context however I think you overstate the attributes of Thersites the character?

Rather than a thing of beauty I find the presentation of Cairnswatch absent of any kind of imagination, it is to Cairns blogging what Harbour Lights is to Cairns architecture. Too big for the site, and yes indeed ugly.

The concise comments are also meaninglessly vacuous as is any reference to the 'ishues'. It is trivia. Is the most insightful comment Quick can make on Margaret Cochrane really to opine that she has favoured junior soccer excessively over junior cricket, and then try to turn this into the biggest issue in town just now?

This acronymistic Thersites, as his own harshest critic, is content with the state of his own soul thanks Hegel, if not always his spelling and grammar. I try not to judge any other individual by the body as you do.

I do note Quick has now asked for editorial submissions and that "material needs to be pertinent and it needs to be kocher". Pertinent to what? And kocher? The best I can google on this word is that Kocher won a Nobel in 1909 for his work on the thyroid!

What beauty! What spelling! Maybe progress will come through conflict?

Anonymous said...

You are right on Quicks spelling and grammar!

Are, so, many, commars, really, necessary, or is, that just, related to, Quicks military bedding, down with KB?