Thursday 28 August 2008

Something unexpected on your next rate bill

We have a new logo, and all it will cost you is around a quarter of a million bucks.

I know you've all been waiting. After the cock up and premature adulation two months ago, when three "finalists" were announced, Council decreed that they should go back to the drawing board, or at least, take another look at the whole thing.

Local market guru Andrew Griffiths called the proposed designs dull and boring, and so dated. He believed they had little innovation and all looked the same. I agreed.

The mandatory use of blue and green for the tree-hugging brigade, made for one of the most boring logo design competitions I've ever seen.

However, Council's spin machine, after the departure of Byrne's media minders Robyne Holmes and Gary Schofield, said that after three months of comprehensive consultation in a "process that attracted more than 60 different designs", that Council voted the new one in.

The logo comprises a native Licuala fan palm.

They say it's a "stunning interpretation crafted to reflect our tropical lifestyle, our connection with the environment and a dynamic and festive spirit."

“With a new name and a new region it was imperative that we develop a new visual brand reflective of our new neighbourhood,” Mayor Schier says. “Our logo is a symbol of unity - depicted by an iconic plant species growing strong and prolifically across our Council region.”

The Licuala ramsayi palm is native to the wet tropical rainforests of north Queensland and is a household name amongst the Yidinji Tribe, where it is known as Girbu, used traditionally for flooring, housing, as umbrellas during wet weather, and the fruit eaten.

It was designed by Suzanne Ashmore who says that green upper leaf represents the mountain range and rainforest clad coastline. The lower blue leaf represent the ocean and the reef and connection with both elements of nature.

Schier says that the new logo is "simple, yet sophisticated, bold and dynamic." What the?

Council will now spend $200,000 of our rates this year sticking this ghastly logo everywhere from Cairns Water, Libraries, Esplanade, Tanks and the Civic Theatre. They'll even deck out the staff with this new logo. How much did your rates go up?

You will be able to sleep soundly tonight now.

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