Saturday 30 August 2008

Made in China

According to my new-found blog dog at Weipa Watchdog, China will build up to 50,000 skyscrapers in the next 20 years, the equivalent of 10 New Yorks.

And just when we thought our contribution to the greenhouses gases was becoming part of our way of life.

The Watchdog says this will create a sustained long-term demand for steel and other raw materials.

"Last week the Federal Government approved a Chinese State-backed aluminium company Chinalco to hold as much as 14.99% of Rio's London shares - equivalent to 11% of Rio's combined Australian and London equities," he says.

He states that global business analysts are not entirely convinced about the quality of Rio's aluminium business. "In fact the value of Rio's aluminium business may even be devaluing the entire company in the face of the BHP-Billiton hostile take-over attempt."

"In English? If successful, BHP-Billiton may just off-load the aluminium division to a suitable global minerals player ... maybe to a company that could level a few of the take-over/regulatory hurdles ... perhaps a company called Chinalco!"

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