Thursday 14 August 2008

8100 signatures collected

The debate over retaining the historic Cairns Yacht Club building is becoming a burden for the Member for Cairns, Desley Boyle.

They say things come in three's.
  1. The Queensland State Government has offered a bundle of bucks ($150K to be exact) to help move the building. This means they're listening.
  2. Yesterday's rally at the Port Authority office.
  3. Today, representatives from PADYC met TTNQ (Tourism Tropical North Queensland)Rob Giason, CEO and John McIntyre, Director Destination Development.
And to top all that off, the petition has now past the 8,000 mark, a truely remarkable representation from the community of Cairns.

It looks like the Good Ship Desley and Anna is about to hit the sand.

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Anonymous said...

On the exciting mckenzie talkback dribble show today Kevin Marr was talking from Brisbane, as mckenzie names him " Mr Cricket " about some DO happening there, he stated that kevin byrne and clive skarrot were in attendance, so you will have to form your own opinion as to why byrne never wanted the Yacht Building to remain, especially when byrne is of the rip off
right side of party politics in this state.