Tuesday 3 July 2007

Who paid for the Byrne Election Campaign in 2004?

FROM Cairns Post 31st July 2004



Anonymous said...

Notice anything odd about the Mayor's contribution list?

Some of the the big players are not there!
Thackral (Argentea, Palm Cove)
Mutiplex (Blue water)

No doubt contributions were made by these developers, just not traceable!

Anonymous said...

What about the new law passed by the state govt a year or so ago stating that local councils must declare their funding BEFORE these upcoming elections, as opposed to after as used to be the case? Our KB of course kicked up a stink over it, as he would. A bit scared to let the public know just who controls him before we go to vote. I hope all this comes out in a big way prior to election day. Because if it does, its bye bye KB.