Tuesday 3 July 2007

Why should we change the current Civic Leaders?

Here's some reasons....

A Secret Cairns City Council
Cairns Post 2nd April 2005.pdf

Poor Report Card from Council
Cairns Post 24th October 2005.pdf

Deputy Mayor Gill Ethics challenged
Cairns Post 2006.pdf

Bully Boy Byrne
Cairns Post 18th May 2005.pdf


Anonymous said...

unity team have the power to control voting on all council matters,which leaves independants
having little say in the running of the council.

Anonymous said...

In order that all councillors have
an independant vote which counts at all council meetings.No team or group should be allowed to stand for more than one third of total seats at any council elections.
This would eliminate the present position,whereby the Unity Team can
control all voting if required at
council meetings.

Anonymous said...

Some reasons why Byrnes and his Unity team should not be elected.

! Within a few weekes after being
elected,council gave themselves a
salary increase.
! Installed extra parking meters
and increased parking fees and
! Instituted excess water charges
which are a rip off.
! Wasted ratepayers funds on City
Place wash basins,seating,and
sand bagging sections of the
northern beaches etc.
! Allowed zealous and irresponsible
over development of city without
the necessary infrastructure.
! Byrnes arrogrant stance regarding
smoking restrictions,repairs to
council property,tilt train usage
publicly attacking Lesley Clark,
! Council holding secret meetings.
! Byrnes excessive overseas travel
expenses,mainly a rort.Video
conferencing is the modern way to
go if needed.
! Maintenance and security cost of
lagoon borne by ratepayers,levy
should be introduced for users.
! This council has not sufficiently
lobbyed State and Federal
Governments regarding water dam,
same applies to lobbying to have
all access roads upgraded with
suitable overpasses as required,
as well as more medical staff and
equipment for Cairns Base
Hospital,as it now operates you
could be living in a third world
! Council has not made any suitable
decisions regarding harnessing
waste water run off since coming
into office.
! Violence is rife in Cairns,our
city is well known as being an
unsafe destination,council has
done little to amend this