Tuesday 3 July 2007

Who's announced that they're standing for Cairns City Council Elections?

Val Schier
0407 100 886

Division 3
Robert Pyne
0438 360 376

Division 4
Kirsten Lesina
0437 029 293

Division 5
Dianne Forsyth
0400 880 130

Division 8
Mark Buttrose
0417 600 828

Division 9
Paul Matthews
0412 872 574


Anonymous said...

Iagree with the comment that Val Schier may not have the experience to handle the position of Mayor,in connection with the 2008 Cairns Council elections.
On the other hand,I would support Mike Berwick if he was prepared to stand,due to the fact that he has the experience,I also suggest he would put a stop to further over development in Cairns,a matter which I hold the present Council responsible for.
Mike Berwick would also try to take Cairns back to a safer cleaner city,so residents would once again be able to go about their business in a safe and caring enviroment.

Anonymous said...

We've all heard this before.. that Val / a woman doesn't have sufficient financial experience; notwithstanding that the current mayor's only experience, prior to being in council, was being in the army!!! Also, let's not forget his financial acumen with his wife's misappropriation is hardly a ringing endorsement of his skills, is it?