Tuesday, 3 July 2007

An odd letter to the Cairns Sun


Anonymous said...

Odd indeed and lacking any understanding about leadership. Since when has being on Council been a pre-requisite for being a Mayor??

john said...

well thats interesting

Anonymous said...

Our Council has failed residents in a number of ways,however two matters really stand out that should have been addressed over the last eight years.
Firstly whilst Cairns has an annual rainfall of 80 inches and afloating population of some 150000
people,Council still sees fit to institute water restrictions.
Council should have been lobbying and working with State and Federal Government to assist with suitable
programs to harness and retain water,instead of allowing it to run
back into the sea,this may mean restrictions may never be required.
Instead Council has seen fit to
incorporate Cairns Water and use same as a milking cow,in order to
obtain additional funds from residents.These excess water charges should be stopped immediately and Cairns Water wound
up for all the good it is doing.
Secondly,Cairns has changed dramatically forever,and possibly
will never be the same again,due to the irresponsible developments
allowed by this Council,who have not provided the necessary infrastructure including water supply.It will take a very dedicated and experienced group of people to try and return this city
to some of its former glory.I trust they are out there,ready to oust the Unity Team at the 2008 election.