Monday 26 November 2007

Privacy Policy

I should follow best practice, and post an explicit privacy policy, so here goes.

When you browse this site, the following information is recorded and made available to me:

  • The pages you browse on my site
  • The referring page or link you came from
  • The search engine query you used to find the blog
  • Your IP address
  • Your computer name
  • Your web browser version
  • Your operating system
  • The e-mail address you used to register
  • Your IQ (okay not that one)

I reserve the right to use or publicise any of the above information.

When I communicate with people, or people choose to communicate with me, I reserve the right to record and / or publish any or part of conversations, so they can be accurately reported.

However, unless there is good reason, I intend to only publish information in summarised form with no personal details (such as machine name or IP address) attached. The most common information published will be amusing search engine words / queries.

If you post a comment on my blog, your IP address plus the date and time you made the comment are recorded.

I retain this information for at least a year and will in all circumstances release it to authorities if presented with a warrant. I may hand it over without a warrant also, if I think the comment broke the law or was defamatory. I reserve all rights to do what I see fit with this information, as it is my site.

So the bottom line in terms of privacy in browsing or commenting on this site, is that in 99.99% of all cases I will keep your personal information strictly confidential to me.


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