Sunday 25 November 2007

What a nite

It was a night a long time in the planning.

Jim Turnour, his partner Tiffany and baby Zoe, arrived at Brothers League Club around 9pm as the national tally result came in a lot earlier than expected.

After a long 4 year campaign by Turnour, following defeat to the incumbent Entsch, 31%/53% in 2004, this was a victory that was earn't.

Jim was sporting a new face and a new confidence that only a winner can truly embrace. He beamed with an ear to ear smile, and though has been often commented on for some awkward or uncomfortable speeches, all that was gone. We saw the new Federal member for Leichhardt acting and talking like someone that was ready for the challenge. It was a Gillard-like transformation, and the atmosphere electric.

Jim thanked a long list of supporters, and those that voted for Labor. "I know many voted for Labor for this first time, and many for the first time in many years. I will be here everyone and am honoured to represent you," he said to the near 1,000 strong crowd.

The results were more than most commentators expected. At nearly 15% swing to the ALP in Leichhardt, which was a key seat for any winning party, is was the highest in the country.

As soon as Turnour arrived, he went around the room and personally thanked every supporter in the auditorium.
No one was left out.


Anonymous said...

An amazing victory and an electric night. Full credit to Jim Turnour and to Stewie Traill. This election was about Australia's working conditions and the threat posed by "WorkChoices."
Our working conditions are fundamental to our most cherished value, "a fair go for all" and they are non-negotitiable.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well done Jim and it is good to mention Stuart (and the Ergon boys), as the ‘Your Rights at Work’ Campaign proved to be the difference. However, don’t forget Kevin O’Sullivan from the Queensland Public Sector Union!

Kevin and the QPSU folks showed public sector workers are a key constituency, and any party that takes them for granted must be aware that there are consequences.

Well done to all involved in the YRAW campaign.

Warm Regards,

Rob Pyne.

Anonymous said...

And well done to Jim for all his hard work. He was the under-dog for a while but proved his worth when it came to the crunch.