Sunday 18 November 2007

Who would you turn gay for Kev?

Well, Kevin Rudd appeared on Rove tonight.
Rove put out the challenge to Howard and Rudd two weeks ago, and only Kevin agreed.
It's been a long-standing request between Rove and the PM to appear on his long-running show, however, he's always refused, albeit politely.
So with the federal election five days away, the Leader of the Opposition appeared on the final Sunday night live show for the year.
Following a light and fluffy interview, Kevin looked rather awkward when the final segment rolled on... to earn Twenty Bucks in Twenty Seconds, with the onslaught of the last question, seemed to be greeted with a degree of reluctance: Who would you turn gay for?
Kevin pulled out a notepad from his pocket and prefaced his answer by saying he'd asked his office for help. "I asked them to gather some input from our people". Dame Edna was ruled out, as was Kel Knight from Kath & Kim. He then exclaimed that the person he would turn gay for would be his wife. What the?
"Is she a man?" exclaimed Rove. It was a cop out. Kevin could have simply said someone, just in the spirit of the game.
Rove retained the $20, as he didn't answer the last question!
Never mind, 5 points for actually appearing on the show. Better than the PM's constant refusal to connect with a younger audience.
Actually, Kevin came across rather appealing, if not a bit stiff in a suit. His minders could have dressed him more relaxed, sans the tie.
Rove also extended the same invitation to answer 20 questions to Senator Bob Brown. There was a twist of Who would you turn straight for?
He declared he sleeps nude, visited a strip club, hugs trees, and, would turn straight for Mother Nature.
Good on ya Bob. You're not that green.


Anonymous said...

"Is she a man?" exclaimed Rove. It was a cop out. Kevin could have simply said someone, just in the spirit of the game."
Michael, I know you aren't that naive.
The desperate Liberal party dirt digging department would have had a field day if he had said anything else.
I'll give Kev my preferences after voting for Bob's Greens first, certainly not for Slavechoices Charlie.

Anonymous said...

It's of little consequence that John Howard has refused to go on Rove - compared with Rudd's refusal to be questioned by real reporters on INSIDERS or MEET THE PRESS.

Anonymous said...

Why should he? He and his party have been villified at every opportunity by the right leaning media despite his success with the opinion polls all year. At least Rudd hasn't relied on appearing on Sydney Shock Jock radio programs on a regular basis over the same period.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that the "real reporters on INSIDERS or MEET THE PRESS" was said with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek.

C'mon, they aren't real reporters or journalists they are just small minded litle people concerned only about their own image and self perceived granduer. The line of questioning is invariably sensationalist irrespective of whom they are questioning.

Real reporters hahahaha!!!