Monday 5 November 2007

Rod Barton speaks out

The award-winning ABC Four Corners team, have Australia Intelligence Officer Rod Barton, telling his compelling story about Iraq experiences, on their online broadband edition.

Just over two weeks to a Federal election, it's a timely reminder about the way in which our Government ignored advice and committed this country to war, without the general will of the people.

Four Corners been with us since 1961, exposing scandals, inquiries and debate. Its journalism and film-making have earned international recognition and an array of awards.

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Anonymous said...

"WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION" is the greatest lie of our time. It has been responsible for the brutalisation of an innocent country, the deaths of one million Iraqis and an exodus of over four million refugee Iraqis.
Thanks to John Howard and his Liberal voters, Australia will one day be charged with war crimes and be made to pay war reparations.

If John Howard and the Liberals are re-elected this time, make no mistake about it, we will join George Bush in declaring war on Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Pakistan and probably Saudie Arabia.

Anonymous said...

See where one of the US Senators (Chuck Hagel) is running around speaking about re-introducing the draft in the USA. Oh durrrh! If Howard is re-elected, here we go again..............