Sunday 18 November 2007

Gillard on Insiders

Gillard got a hearing on ABC's Insiders this morning.


Anonymous said...

Having watched the insiders on Pravda TV 'the voice of the government' (formerly ABC) Julia once again ran rings around Liberal media mouthpieces like Barry Cassidy. Definitely future Prime Minister material.

Sadly I missed being entertained by Melbourne's Village Idiot Andrew Bolt - was he on?

Unknown said...

Barry Cassidy a liberal mouthpiece?

Since when have former labor press secretary types been seen as liberal mouthpieces?

Learn some very basic history.

KitchenSlut said...

At least Barrie Cassidy's personal persuasions dont get in the way of his professionalism, unlike some Cairns Post journalists. The concern that Rudd is avoiding serious scrutiny is coming from political journalists from across the spectrum.

"The strategy is to avoid as many as possible of the longer, considered interviews that he can," he said. "Compare that to (John) Howard's approach; he will always do those interviews. Perhaps it is a sign of his maturity and Kevin Rudd's lack of experience." - Barrie Cassidy, former adviser to Bob Hawke.

Anonymous said...

Dunno mark. I guess they could start any time. Especially when they need to appease their current masters and keep their job.