Friday 2 November 2007

Ben and Family Last

If Ben was your next door neighbour, you'd probably lock up your kids.

The Family First party has again shown their true colours, and they're not rainbow.

Ben Jacobsen's outburst demanding to know which way Charlie McKillop swings - sexually that is - is yet another reason why the majority of so-called Christians are loosing support from any mainstream following. Churches everywhere are loosing their congregation and support base, and it's because they've largely failed to upgrade from Windows 3.1 - some even prefer DOS and WordPerfect.

As a young Catholic boy, along with three brothers, I saw first hand the hatred and exclusionary practices that were dished out discriminating again people of colour and other minorities.

It's cheap and low politics for Ben to rant like a right wing christian nutter, in a world that has grown up and learnt over the last 150 years or so to respect difference and accept people who aren't the same as yourself. Maybe someone needs to dig into his near-perfect closet and discover a golliwog or an abused teddy.

Ben needs to take a leaf out of the Big Guy's book: Let yee who throws the first stone.... or something like that.

I have to state, beside a couple of telephone conversations talking knitting patterns and which way to arrange the furniture, I've never met Charlie.

After years of post Sir Joh, sexuality is still an ikky subject in Queensland, let alone Australia, and while it was great to have the support of not-very-Liberal Peter Costello, the Libs are hardly party that have progressed much legislation on the social front at all.

Like it or not, society has moved on, and Ben ought to have learn't that fact. We don't chop off people's hands now when they steal, nor do we tolerate abuse at someone because of their colour. Charlie's sexuality need not be something that you should be concerned about, well, not any more than she should be concerned about yours.

However, if you'd like to know her stance on issues of policy, and how'd she'd vote and what things she'll promote if elected, then you have every right to question. And question we should.

The redeeming quality of Entschy was his modern stance on social issues, but I was and still am uncomfortable about his involvement on CEC's board whilst still a sitting member.

Just when you think all the bigots are gone to heaven, we're reminded you're still in a Queensland election campaign.

You didn't surprise us Ben.


Anonymous said...

Hear Hear, Mike.

As much as I don't agree with your position on many issues, you're noble.

Jacobsen brought to light a disgusting thing, and I believe Charlie needs the support of every (non-homophobic, non-bigot, non-neanderthal, non-family first) person in the community.

If someone's sexuality negatively impacts on their worthiness of your vote.. well.. you're one of those consequences of compulsory voting.

Anonymous said...

Second anonymous
You are a nasty nasty person.
Have a good look at yourself before bleating on about which you know nothing!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2.

you are poop.

That is all.