Friday 16 November 2007

Open Debate

This new regular "Open Debate" column will start from today.

Every few days or once a week, whichever pleases me at the moment, I will start a posting called "Open Debate".

This is where anyone can raise issues, commence a discussion or debate about subjects or events that is of interest to themselves.

It should also spark ideas for things that may warrant further comment or investigation for separate publication.

The rules are simple: No slagging people off, i.e. don't make it personal. Nothing defaming, please ;-) Any subject is fair game, so long as it does not breach what would be deemed fair public comment or of a topical nature.

Generally there will be more latitude as to what one can say in the general debate thread as they do not have to be tied to a specific issue. General rules of acceptable behaviour will still apply.

The counterpoint to having a general debate, if we’ll be less tolerant of people going off topic in the other threads.

Also doesn’t have to be political. One can discuss the footy, the weather, or anything at all so long as it isn’t offensive, or breaches the posting policy, or is personally denigrating of people etc etc

This will like our Letters to the Editor, but better.. you can write to your wee heart is content!

I was encouraged to do this following the following Anon posting today, which I felt needed a second airing:-

  • Funny how Iraq is absent from this coming election.It is the greatest lie of our time. "Weapons of mass destruction", and was parroted by John Howard and the Liberal Party of Australia. It has destroyed a nation which never did us 0Australians any harm. Over one million Iraqis have now been killed. The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq has diminished the West and sullied our reputations around the world.It has also seen the formation of an alliance between India, Russia and China, in the Shanghai Co-operation Treaty. The case for war crimes and war reparations has already started.Still, the Liberals keep on parroting the lies of their mentor - the man, John Howard is on record as saying how much he "deeply, deeply admires" - one George W. Bush.


Anonymous said...

It galls me to see the sycophantic, fawning way Howard defers to George Bush. Australia is a mid-ranking country in the international order. Howard's slavish subservience and dribbling obsequiousness is not only downright embarrassing, but not in Australia's best interests.
Of course, of course, we must remain an ally of the USA, but just as friendship is based on mutual trust and the freedom to DISAGREE, so too, should our political alliance encompass the freedom to disagree.

John Howard has revealed himself as a disgustingly weak and ineffectual man, unfit to be a national leader.

The case for war crimes against the West has already started. Of course, of course, John Howard and George Bush won't be around the political scene when the West has to answer to international crimes, however some of their younger supporters may well be.

This is another of John Howard's legacies. Leaving Australia with the bloodied stain of one million innocent Iraqis for the rest of history.

Anonymous said...

Strange how the garrulous "Mark" hasn't made a comment on this one.

Anonymous said...

Mark is still looking under his bed for Usama bin Laden.