Wednesday 14 November 2007

Possums, not Kevin!

Our own mega star and housewife extraordinaire, Dame Edna Everage, just entered into the Federal Election debate.

In a typically uncouth and unorthodox contribution to the campaign, the Dame didn't know if we wanted the Labor leader as Prime Minister.

"I mean darlings, I really don't know about having a 'Kevin' as our leader... do you possums?" she exclaimed today. "It's a rather plain name!"

Dame Edna also offered her opinion about where the federal Labor leader would live if he wins next weekend: an old Brisbane dance, venue destroyed in 1982.

"Did you see the thing about Mr Rudd possibly coming to Queensland. Did you see that? Do you know where he should stay? It's a pity they pulled it down. Cloudland would have been good for him," she said.

Dame Edna recently presented the Queensland Governor with an Australian native plant to celebrate the Queen's birthday.

"It is a Grevillea and I've crossed it with Gladioli. It's called Molly and I grew it myself organically with my own manure. Isn't it gorgeous? Unfortunately it's poisonous to corgis," she said.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish this BORING old fart would hang himself with his faux pearls or choke on his gladiolli. I mean, how much laughter can you squeeze out of a bloke dressed in drag?