Monday 26 November 2007

I don't smoke

I don't smoke, but some of my best friends do.

If you are a smoker, you probably don't want to do this exercise, try out this smoking calculator.

Here the answer Sue got... rather freaky:

  • While Smoking 1 pack a day for 24 Years you've smoked 8,760 packs (That's 175,200 Cigarettes)

    Since 1 Cigarette takes away 11 minutes of your life you will live 2,230.56 days less or 6.11 years less

    At an average of 4 minutes spent while smoking...You've spent 11,680.00 hours smoking...That's 486.67 Days!!!

    At an Average price of $3 over that period you have spent $26,280.00 in cigarettes.
    That would have been enough to buy a safe Nice SUV or two!

    If you put the packs one on top of the other you'd have a tower 3 Miles tall!!!

NB: It's in USD. Convert it to Aussie dollars.


Anonymous said...

I'm a smoker too. My neurologist told me that whie there aren't many people he would suggest keep right on smoking, I'm one of them. 3 mile high tower? I'm aiming for the moon! ;)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of typos...ahem.

Anonymous said...

I must admitt .. I am with Jo .. been a smoker for some 20 odd years, and, if I was forced to give them up .. someone would have to suffer for it. At the same time, I am a smoker that is considerate of those that do not wish to smoke. Unlike some drinkers that think it is wonderful to hug you, kiss you, breathe stale alcohol all over you, bash you, or run you over in their car while driving home, or the drug dealer that will rob you blind for his next hit.

Anonymous said...

Get this - I'm a social smoker - the best kind right? Never have to pay for any yourself!

I've been social smoking for probably the best part of 10 years now. By social I mean maybe 10 cigarettes a month. If that.

A mate of mine wonders how I don't get hooked... and now I'm starting to wonder myself. Maybe I can sell my blood to smokers as an easy fix.

Why am I writing this here.. I'm not sure. Boredom? That's my 2c.