Saturday 24 November 2007

How should i vote dot com dot au

Today's the day punters.

Before you head out this morning, take 3 minutes. This is how my Ballot paper looks after I completed the 20 questions on GetUp's how should i vote.

The Libs are party-poopers and most candidates have refused to take part in the online programme and therefore don't get rated in participants' results.
They have said to ignore the advice from the website because it is biased against the Coalition.
GetUp said voters using the site were informed when a candidate had not provided the necessary information, and therefore ranked them lower because there was no information in the database. Only a handful of Liberal candidates have taken part in the website.
Jim came out at 81%, Sue of the Greens 76%, Damian Byrnes 68%, and Selwyn Johnston 45%.
Some surprises there.

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