Monday 5 November 2007

No more Anons?

There has been much discussion over recent weeks and months as this Blog has escalated in popularity and notoriety, regarding the posting of anonymous comments.

Leaving the blog open to comments from anonymous posters is very questionable.

My good friend who runs New Zealand's largest blog, stopped this practice some time ago, and everyone is required to register before they are able to post a comment and therefore participate in the full privileges of the forum.

Kiwiblog still gets a huge support from posters, in fact just over 1000 are registered and actively join in the discussion on line.

I question the real value of comments that are posted anonymously. It is therefore my belief that this blog would be better served without anons.

Registering to comment is not an onerous affair. It is also not inquisitive, not personal, and is a one off process. It will however manage and stop people trying to abuse a person and throw a cheap comment down, only to never return.

I think at least a percentage bear more relation to toilet wall graffiti than intelligent debate.

I welcome your opinion on this subject, as I plan to remove the Anon option on commenting shortly, should there not be a strong case to retain this functionality.


Anonymous said...

This isn't a blog for all of New Zealand, or Australia. It's a blog about politics in a small town. Commenters in a small town are understandbly skittish about their participation in this blog, and cutting off anonymity will leave many in the lurch. Small town politics is notoriously vindictive, and many who's livelihoods depend on their "perceived neutrality" on town politics will be cutoff by this change. It is unwarranted and dangerous for you to do so.

Anonymous said...

I agree with above.
This is a small town and Michael of all people you have been affected by this very demon. In what other town or country for that matter, would the mayor of a large city such as ours, ring an individual's work place and harrass the owner about one of its employess! As it happens, the Council rang me at my work place too over a very trivial matter some years back.

Someone else I know on the northern beaches, who spoke out on a certain issue, had acid poured over their car, so there are limits to what decent people will willingly expose themselves to when you live in fear of some sort of reprisal for speaking out.

Anon should be here to stay, until such times we do not fear personal attacks for just voicing an opion in supposedly this democratic country.

Anonymous said...

will stupid names still be allowed, like Lead singer of Wang Chung or KB James still be allowed? If not I'm gone from this blog 4eva.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I agree with the others, anonymity gives cover to the cowards but also courage to the timid. Is it possible for someone to register but still post anonymously ?? I do like some of the silly names that have been up as well, its ads some colour to the blog (it’s a shame that Alfred Deakin’s post went unnoticed – Australia’s first Prime Minister and father of the constitution left a blog and no one noticed)

Anonymous said...

As many people have already stated, there are repurcusions in this town if you speak out against the mayor. Mr Byrne has created a nazi-like system where some people are afraid to speak out about what they know, for fear of a public slagging by the mayor, at best. There are those of who know little secrets about the mayor that the public would love to know, but bringing them into the open may expose those who have 'leaked' this information. Some of these people are still close to the mayor and would suffer severe repercussions if found out. Anonymity protects against this and will help bring this mayor down, because believe me, if the public were to find out what some of these things were, there would be worse things in stall for KB than just losing the council election.

Anonymous said...

I have spoken to Mike about the anomimity on blogs such as these. I like to leave at least my name and where I am from for peoples information, which most people probably arent interested in.
I think there is a chance that I may be victim of one of the councils attacks, but I am still in the process of getting confirmation on this. If it can be proved that I am, this blog will be the first to show everyone the proof, as I know the mayor and councilers reads this daily, then it will be given to every media outlet that I can find. The main reason for me giving it to ever one to see is that what hsa just happened does not affect me in any possible way. It would affect 30 low income families, so, hopefully, it has come from the council offices.

Anonymous said...

Having considered the options and the opinions (above), I am wondering - could there not be one option allowing registration, but permitting Anon in public view (as per 'slartiblartfarst's comment)? It is evident that individuals are being harrassed or at least walked over with size 7 pumps when declaring opinions other than those of council, in particular Kevin Byrne. I've certainly felt that - thankyou (sic) Margaret. Personally I couldn't care less, but then there is little that council (or anyone) could do to upset my demeanour on a personal level, aside from reinforcing my belief that this council is hell-bent on development at the expense of the quality of life previously enjoyed by me and you, the rate/wage payers.

Anonymous said...

hi all.

it's the internet again. if you choose to make people register, you will cut off a lot of voices & opinions that may share that little bit of light, turning a rumour mill, into a fact-ory.

in the meantime, i like reading the crazy stuff that's put up on these comments more than the stories themselves in most cases! Michael - I know this is your blog, but there are some awesome terms you can use that removes you from liability. Being ex-media you should know a few already. Just saves yoru neck from the chopping board, and the rather dull-edged knife with K.B. embossed on it.

In all honesty, i like the mayor, i find him fair, honest and... PAHAHAHAH WHO AM I KIDDING!!!

Thank you.

that is all.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear. As a fourth generation born Far North Queenslander, let me inform Mr. Moore that this city is still "a small world". People know people know people, if you get my drift.
We need the anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Knowing and having experienced the bully tactics from the local government and police, there is no way COULD use my real name. They are simply too vindictive to ignore. I feel that an anonymous blog, unfortunately, at least gives me some opportunity to speak my mind without having to suffer for doing so. It is not just Byrne running a nazi-regime, the cops do too; and they can ruin your business and life, and will do so if they can.