Friday 23 November 2007

Ministry of Silly Walks

Howard's back!

After a late night arrival from the PM's entourage, GWB, I mean JWH was back in the Far North for a final trip. Gosh, we're getting a lot of attention up here.

It's obvious that Leichhardt is a crucial seat for this election, me thinks.

At the crack of dawn this morning, Howard and Howard's minders headed out prior to a couple of early morning engagements, in the dying hours of this election campaign.

It all started as normal - the obligatory morning silly walk and accompanying brigade of minder, press and supporters, heading toward this Cairns Esplanade. However, they were greeted with a sizable group of demonstrators from Your Rights at Work, keen to make a point or two.

There was such noise from the chanting and cheeky slogans being shouted from the demonstrators, that Howard decided to pull the plug on the morning walk, that is a hallmark of his visits around the country.

He then hi-toed it down to the infamous Rustys Markets to chat to the local traders, amongst early season marvelous mangos, Tableland tomatoes, perfect pineapples, not to mention the odd bent banana.

Then the fun really began.

The demonstrators, including the colourful Ergon-powered Stuart Traill, from the Queensland Council of Unions, gathered outside Rustys and proceeded to enter the markets. They were confronted with some Liberal heavies, and some not so heavies. Amongst them was FNQ's Liberal supremo with cheese on top, Cairns City Councillor Allan Blake.

It had all the tension of the Germans invading Poland, and neither side were going to give in to their demands.

The Lib supporters and Howard's minders insisted that demonstrators were not allowed into the markets. There was pushing and shoving. French words were exchanged. Fists were raised and tempered flared all in an effort to protect each side's integrity and ultimately, the keys to the Lodge.

The Your Rights at Work team were blocked from entering the markets, whilst Howard wandered and chatting to the vegetable and fruits sellers. Some Rusty's traders intervened and announced that anyone was welcome to come into their markets.

"It's a public space!" they exclaimed.

Much chanting and disruption ensued, after Howard made a quick back stage exist.

The over-riding anti-Government message from this campaign has undoubtedly been about the working man and woman, and that of Work Choices. Your Rights at Work has mounted a strong and effective campaign over the last 10 months and their message has had enormous airplay.

If the Howard Government falls tomorrow evening, this campaign can undoubtedly claim some credit for the result.

By the way, the Bananas are to die for.


Anonymous said...

Should Howard be re-elected with the same majority, ie control of the Senate, my guess is he will move pretty fast, probably before the Christmas break, to bring in the rest of the WorkChoices legislation. There won't be any hesitation.
The whole of Australia will get their AWAs for a Chrissie present!

Anonymous said...

We all know that, but you wait and see how the dumbed down lemmings will still vote for Workchoices Charlie tomorrow. Maybe in three years time they will well and truly know what a stupid decision they have made. Our only hope is that they will take away the Liberal domination in the Senate, but as you say that won't change until well into next year. It just goes to show that if you want to control the masses you dumb them down by making education a privilege and unattainable for many unless Daddy is a millionaire.

Anonymous said...

You scare the living shit out of the dumbed down lemmings that Labor will instantly raise home mortgage interest rates, the very second they assume Government.
Then, you cover up the HUGE scandal in the USA of millions of working people having their homes re-possessed by the finance companies because of the rising cost of living and the pathetic wages (the Minimum wage was FROZEN for 10 years in the USA), by calling it a "sub-prime mortgage" crisis. All so simple really.