Monday 19 November 2007

What our candidates say... Democrats

I've asked all candidates standing for the Federal seat of Leichhardt four questions.

Here's the first in, from the Democrats candidate, Bridgette Lennox:

  • 1. What are your top 3 priorities for Leichhardt?

    Climate change action; health care access, affordability and quality; restoration of a balanced Senate that is independent of the government

    2. Are workers adequately protected under current law?

    No - we want to see the restoration of awards with minimum conditions and pay rates to underpin both individual and collective agreements; we support the role of unions in protecting and fighting for workers' rights and conditions; we support the right to collectively bargain; we want an independent and well-resourced regulatory body restored.

    3. Is the balance of environment and development issues in the electorate of concern to your party?

    The Democrats have always been an "environment party" - but we also recognise that a sensible approach is needed. There is always tension between environmental protection and development - but with all parties working together I believe good outcomes can be achieved - developers recognise more and more that it is in their interests to maintain a healthy, diverse environment.

    4. Would you work the relationship with Cairns City Council differently?

    I believe there needs to be greater dialogue between all levels of government - and federal government has to play a lead role in this, by avoiding playing the blame game and buck passing, by involving all stakeholders in issues to work out best results for all.

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