Monday 5 November 2007

This week's Caption contest

I detest morning breakfast TV.

However, I snapped this this morning for you, and think it's rather adapt for our weekly caption contest... the two Richards!

Here's presenter Richard Wilkins, who runs the so-called entertainment section on The Today Show on WIN TV, with that rather outrageous and loud Amercian Richard Reid, who seems to know all the gossip that there is to know in 3 minutes... yawn.

Enough to put you back to bed. Anyway, have fun.

  1. "Why do you always scream at me Richard?"
  2. "Does you mum know you talk like this?"
  3. What are you exactly wearing below the desk?"
  4. Yes, it is kind of entertainment, and news... well, we do get paid rather well for this dribble!"
  5. What do you mean, I sound camp? You can talk Richard darling!"
  6. ...your turn...


Anonymous said...

'Wow that shock jock Price is a bit of a merchant banker isn't he? He's got a mouth almost as big as mine... and I believe his wife writes Joe Hockey's 'Union Bosses' scripts....I mean, how snoozeville is that???'

Anonymous said...

I get paid by the decibel

Anonymous said...

Richard:If we could get Kevin Byrne on here with us we could be the Three Blind Mice !
Richard 2: Oh I thought it was the Three Stooges !