Thursday 22 November 2007

Where's Warren? Oh, there he is!

As the Cairns Post has reported overnight, a new version of Charlie McKillop's election billboard has appeared around the highways and byways of the electorate in the last few days of this year-long election campaign.

Warren Entsch has come out from the political graveyard to say he's right behind Charlie, at least on the poster.

What's interesting about this, is that elsewhere around the country, the PM's photo has often graced the local candidate's billboard, in support. Do the voters of Leichhardt not want to see Johhny Overboard along our streets?

Kevin Rudd's posters are often alongside Jim's but he hasn't produced such a cosy one as Charlie.

What does this say? There are a few questions voters must have. This seems a last effort strategy by Charlie and the local Lib team to say the Big Warren is still here, albeit in spirit.

Well, I for one am rather confused. I thought Warren and his earrings were off motorcycling up in Cape York now fishing for some CEC earth moving contracts. Evidently not. He's alive and well and sticking his 10 cents in against Labor.

Jim Turnour is confused. I mean about the new posters, not about that interview on telly last night. He said he believed Warren was retired.

I recall the last Cairns City Council election in 2004, Paul Matthews had a similar campaign billboard. Being a rather well-known vet around town and supporting animal welfare issues, Paul had a photo of a happy dog behind him. I'll resist any jokes at this point.

I guess when there's a final chance offered to be a poster boy, you'd hardly turn it down. Come the Council election in March next year, Warren should avail himself to the Cairns Mayor for a similar endorsement. It would make for a formidable poster.

I'd order the corflutes now if I were them.


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Anonymous said...

Jim Turnour was just a week ahead of himself that's all. Hopefully he will also be ahead of 'Workchoices' Charlie on Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

given a choice between KB and WE, I know who'd I'd choose for mayor! At least one of them has integrity.

Anonymous said...

After "she" loses on Saturday, her and Warren can use this photo to advertise the next Cairns Gay Pride parade.

Anonymous said...

alright, alright "pink power". Try and keep the personal stuff out of it.

Anonymous said...

I think they make a lovely couple.

The thing that interests me is the portrait looks like it's done in French impressionist style - Cezanne perhaps, with a touch of Monet?

I think it's done with Photoshop.

Very clever.

Anonymous said...

No sooner had I posted the previous "brief and jocular" remark than the phone rang.

"Hello, My name is Warren Entsch... I'm taking the unprecedented step of phoning you personally..."

Surely he can't want to sue me over the 'lovely couple' quip? I find myself breaking out into a sweat.

"...using a recorded message to ask you personally to vote for Charlie McKillop... blah, blah, blah".

Phew. A close call!

The phone rings again later.

This time, a pleasant young woman is on the line, explaining she doesn't get paid any longer when the cafe's not busy, thanks to Work Choices.

I feel sorry for her. Maybe I could lend her a fiver... but is she for real?

She anticipates my query...

"I'm not an actor... I'm talking about real things that happened to me, a real person. Authorized by me... blah, blah, blah".

Whoever wins the election, Telstra shareholders won't be missing out.

Anonymous said...

Oh is that what that poster is of... I thought Warren was advertising that he had become a ventriloquist in retirement... watch WHERE WAZZA puts his hand Charlie. oppps too late!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he's been practising for months there mate... Does a good job too...that dummy looks quite lifelike.. but ya cant see wazzas lips moving...must be talking out of his bum again...

Anonymous said...

TELSTRA's rushing to get their workers on AWAs, while the CEO just got himself what was it? An $18 million yearly salary.
Wonder how many wage earners will vote tomorrow for this to continue?

Anonymous said...

Re anon choice between KB & WE
When you have KB as president of local libs and WE finally not important, how can you use integrity as a decider.

Anonymous said...

KB and the word 'Integrity' should not be used in the same sentence. He is anything but......