Friday 9 November 2007

Belated blogging

Apologies to readers and followers and Dennis Quick.

I've been rather pre-occupied here in Christchurch over the last week as I'm on a big mission back at the family home, sorting out family stuff.

Mum is now 86yrs and getting less mobile, but still very alert. The house needs a huge clean after 55 years of collecting and I'm in the midst of sorting hundreds of photos and creating scrapbooks of her valuable memento's.

Hence, I've not dedicated a great deal to the antics in cairns, but as time permits, I will publish.

I have a great deal to put up of meetings I was granted in Wellington over the last couple of weeks with Ministers and the mayoralty. Some interesting stuff to share.

No doubt a great deal of focus is been paid to the federal election.

Thanks for your understanding and ongoing support.

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