Friday 30 November 2007

A big loss to the current Council

This just in from the Cairns 1st team...

  • Cr Fran Lindsay’s decision not to run again as a division 2 councillor in the next local government elections is a real loss to the city.

    This is according to Cairns First mayoral candidate
    Val Schier who had been hoping that Cr Lindsay would be re-elected and bring her skills and experience to the new Cairns Regional Council.

    “Cr Lindsay is arguably the best performing member of the current council,” Ms Schier said.

    “She is the person who demonstrates the most courage in standing up to the current mayor.

    “If she doesn’t agree with the Mayor or Unity Team position she will always challenge in a respectful and assertive way.

    “She plans well, is always prepared, works with community groups, looks after her constituents and advocates skillfully for them.

    “Division 2 residents – 75% of whom voted for her in the 2004 elections – will be disappointed that she is finally calling it quits.

    “She leaves very big shoes to fill.”

    Cr Lindsay has stated that she will stay involved in community groups and find more time to spend in her garden and with her recently retired husband.

    Ms Schier said Cr Lindsay is a model for current and future councillors and hopefully she will make herself available to mentor her successor or other councillors.

    With Cr Lindsay’s retirement the field is now wide open for a new candidate and a fresh face in the much larger division 2 in the new Cairns Regional Council.

    INFO: Val Schier on 0407 100 886 or 4055 0353.


Anonymous said...

If the Deputy Mayor wants any hope of re-election he should consider standing in Division 2.

Fiscal Fred.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Fran.Lindsay is
going to retire from council.Fran has always conducted herself as a true independant.
I have to say I do not think Val Schier has any hope of being appointed Mayoress of Cairns,her recent problem with R.Pyne has put her right out of contention.Mike Berwick is the only person I can see who would have the capability to take on Byrne and his crew and win.If Berwick is not going to stand Byrne will have a walkover,
which will be very unfortunate for
our city of Cairns.

Anonymous said...

It is very unfortunate that Fran is not going to re-stand. Its a pity it not one of the other arrogant, spineless, corrupt and as someone else once said "nodding donkeys" that is leaving. No one in 100 years would miss them!!
Best of luck Fran - Cairns City will miss your honesty and committment.

Anonymous said...

To the previous anonymous, and others who think similar...why is Val Schier no hope. From my perception she seems to have the right attitude, policies and naus to be a great Mayor. Where are her weaknesses? I would just like to know, because if anyone is thinking of changing their vote back to Byrne just because of the R.Pyne disagreement, they are a complete fool.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

You are quite correct. I am not a player in the campaign for Mayor. Other divisional candidates are also very much ‘bit-players’ in the decision the people of Cairns must make.

We have two declared candidates for the Mayoralty with quite different ideas about where our city should be heading. The people have a clear choice and will make their decision on March 15.

Whoever becomes Mayor will win on their individual merit.

The 10 divisional ballots will be mini campaigns and those who do the work and have the support of their local community will win.

Warm Regards,

Rob Pyne.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that many people will vote for Val Schier in her bid to become Lady Mayoress.
I voted for her last election,I will not vote for her this time around for a number of reasons.
I suggest Val and her supporters check out the bookies odds on the outcome of the council election the bookies are very rarely wrong.The bookies odds in the recent federal election is a case in point.Like many people I would like to see Byrne thrashed,however Val is not the one that is capable of doing it.Mike Berwick would be the one who is capable of getting rid of Byrne and his cronies,and he is not going to stand,what a shame.I stand by my opinion,
someone other than Val is needed to stand against Byrne.

Anonymous said...

As a Cairns rate-payer who has no political interest in the coming Council elections, I can only offer my own view that I would like to see a change in Cairns. I don't have any axe to grind about the current Mayor and the current Council except that I think the rates are too high. I'm happy with everything else.
However, I just feel it is time for a change and a lady Mayor is appealing.

Anonymous said...

This blog appears to be losing the reason behind why it was set up.
The blog was to set up Val Schier in order to get rid of Byrne and his group.Of recent date there does not seem to be much said about removing Byrne from his castle,why is it so?

Anonymous said...

Get a grip "anon".. the blog was set up by Mike to publish and write what he wants! ANyway, Every day I can see stuff against the incompetent Council and Byrne on here.. are you blind???

Why don't you write something about the mad mayor and email it in ...

Like TV, if you don't like the channel, change it or switch it off!