Sunday 26 August 2007

Turn ya Fog Lights off dickhead!

Who else shares my pet hate... fog lights on... day and night?

I’ve shared this with most of my mates over recent months... and must sound like a broken record on the subject. Day and night, at least one in every 4 cars are driving with their fog lights on. Fog lights are now more prolific and common, especially standard on new vehicles.

So there you go, I have F.L.P. or Fog Light Phobia.

Why on earth are these guys (I think it's mostly guys) doing this? I think they might have SDS (Small Dick Syndrome). These are truly the wankers of the road. It does absolutely nothing to improve their visibility, but reduces and impairs others.

This has to be one of the most dangerous and foolish things for a driver to inflict on other road users.

Did you know it is actually illegal to operate fog lights (and rear fog lights) where there is no fog?
Unfortunately, Police are always too busy to catch these buggers. The Police state that you are only permitted to activate these lights if you are driving in fog or other hazardous weather conditions. The only conclusion I can come to is that this is a shallow call for attention from a low life that has little concept of road safety.

Next time you pass one of these knobs, flash ya lights at them.

There ya go. I got that off my chest.


Anonymous said...

Same goes for all those motorbikes that ride around in the daytime with their headlights on. Attention-seeking dickheads.

Anonymous said...

Motor Cyclists have to have their lights on - it's the law. It was brought in so that they would be more visible to motorists. Unfortunately I am only short and their lights shine through my windscreen and are a total pain.

Anonymous said...

everyone complains about fog lights but what about all these rich pricks driving cars like the lexus four wheel drives and vehicles as such that the headlights on them always seem to point straight into the oncoming traffics driver. i have a 1996 model car with aftermarket spotlights and even those are not as bright as the headlights on the new cars............ one other thing that $hits me to tears is these wankers on push bikes that think they own the road........... i have a bull bar with your name on it so STAY IN THE BLOODY BIKE LANE

tide_o_pollys said...

TOTALLY Agree with flash and bike lane, but one thing each, re FLASHING if you flash think of OTHER oncomers and drivers that YOU are tailing. Re BIKE LANES - a huge percentage of drivers are always in the bike lanes themselves so my suggestion is total off road bike lanes like those near Mt Sheridan. Too many fuit lops on roads here to ride bike anyway

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement re Fog Lights. What a bunch self indulgent morons that consider they need these lights on morning, noon and night. The car manufacturers have opened a real can of worms isolating these driving lamps from the high beam circuit. Lets face it in times of limited visibility the fog lamps and clearance lights (park lights) are all that are required. But in today’s world “given a inch they take a mile”.

Anonymous said...

lm totally with you on this issue %110
Nothing pisses me off more !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some motorcycles have the headlights hard wired on.
It was the law at one stage. Mr "Attention-seeking dickhead" with the V8 Landcruiser and a pin dick!

edmonton said...

You guys don't really have a phobia for fog lights on lux' cars and bikes...DO YOU ! Come on really...its the volvo thing isn't it ..yep thats it..

Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more, what a bunch of tossers, hope some of those wankers read this and spread the word. What is it you derive from driving in clear conditions with fog lights on that annoy other road users. Bad case of LDS me thinks (little dick syndrome). Grow up tool squeezers or get an enlargement

Anonymous said...

kudos to mambos for gettng tossers and wankers into his post, LDS cool too.
Anyway Mike can't u just put some simple post, like a youtube link for us diehard cairnsblogs fans.
Until or if your "blogBlock" ends.

Anonymous said...

Can't be any worse to the dickheads who don't put their lights on when it starts to rain hard.

At least you are not invisible when you have fog lights on.

Anonymous said...

It is now an offence nationwide to have front fog lights on when in clear weather conditions, day or night, under a newly modified Australian Road Rule 217.

The change (and many others) will be reflected in the QLD driver manual 'Your Keys To Driving In Queensland'.

Anonymous said...

l really wish the queensland police would do a blitz on dicks driving with there foglights and headlights on
l travel to town each morning at 5 30 am and am amazed at how many law breakers there are
with them on

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree with "does absolutely nothing to improve their visibility" - they make a massive difference. Whenever driving on a dark (moonless) night on poorly lit roads I turn them on. The difference is vast - feel a lot safer about potential wildlife / obstacles on the road.

I don't use them when there are other cars though - but I don't see what the big deal is. They're no more annoying then dipped beams as they're aimed directly at the ground in front of the car. So unless the car is tailgating -and- using fog lights, what's the problem? Note in the photo taken, the photographer had to get ground level and look up in to the fog lights to make them appear glary - the position of someone about to get hit by a car. The glare is the least of their problem.


i very strongly agree about fog lights. im a trucker and every time i see someone with them on i automatically turn on my brights. if they gonna have 4 lights on so will i. and i do hate flashing headlights on bikes. i dont mind constant on but hate pulsating headlights


Unknown said...

Hey, while we're griping about unnessesary(sic) fog lights, why not have a bash at the damn B&W Taxi drivers who cruise the suburbs with their high beams on?

There's no need for it, they even do it when they have a fare so it's not like they're keeping their eye out for someone hailing them.

These gits shine their lights into all the houses in the suburbs, and usually forget to turn them off for oncoming traffic. Driving with high beams in a built up area with decent street lighting is illegal also. I wish the police would have a word to B&W - but if their management are as arrogant as the drivers can be, it probably wont be any use.