Sunday 19 August 2007

Andrew has it worked out

Occasionally you connect with people along your journey that stand out.

Through my work at the Red Cross Blood Service I met Andrew Griffiths, as he's a regular plamsa donor.

Anyone who's connected with Andrew will be aware he's knows 101 ways to have a life.. 101 ways to avoid a politician.. 101 ways to cook an egg... however you'll be impressed with his achievements and passions. He always has a genuine interest in people. His business marketing expertise stretches far and wide, however, recently he's questioned the meaning of his own life, and putting business and a quality of life in harmony.

Every time we meet someone, we quickly form opinions and measure them against ourselves and our peers, often sub-consciously. For me, Andrew has a zing and a positive nature than is very enigmatic. I'm delighted to have him in my odd-shaped circle of acquaintances.

As part of his de-stressing, he's recently moved out of the Corporate Tower in Lake Street, and now has a much more relaxed environment at the Latte village of Edge Hill (so named, as it's on the edge of a hill) running Oceanic Marketing.

Here's Andrew's Blog or you can listen to him on ABC radio's Breakfast Club with Phil Kafcaloudes recently.

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