Thursday 30 August 2007

Robert Pyne more of a councillor than most

Robert Pyne, son of Tom Pyne, who was Mayor of Cairns from 1995-2000, is acting like he's already a local Councillor, who does he think he is?

Robert's standing (in his wheelchair) for Division 3 (or whatever it will be called after the State Govt redraws the wiggly lines next month). He's part of the Cairns 1st team.

Today he emailed out his Council Capers newsletter to his supporters list of 700! And what a brill broadsheet it is, better than any councillor is doing presently. If I could afford to live in Forest Gardens, he'd have my vote.

Pop over to Amazon Close and have a cuppa with him, and experience his passion for change, action and giving locals a real voice.. oh, and also his rather wry wit!

He's a really enjoyable personality and someone that will listen and help you out in office. Robert has real passion and commitment to his local community. You'd be hard pressed to find someone more committed to the cause and reasons why we need a strong local government. His dad would be proud of him.

Robert's very easy to get in touch with, just don't tell his wife. Here's his Division website and his Cairns 1st website. You can also email him.


Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Pyne for the first time this year and he sends me his council newsletter. As a relative newcomer to Cairns, I appreciate the local news he provides and, as someone who likes to be entertained, I find his bright, breezy and amusing style most enjoyable. If Robert is reading this, good one, mate. Hope we can catch up for a beer sometime.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Council Capers too. Very informative.