Friday 17 August 2007

Queensland's water rebates scheme

The Queensland Government is offering cash rebates to help households save water and money. You can get the following cash rebates through the Home WaterWise Rebate Scheme:

Up to $1000
Purchase and installation of rainwater tank(s), including connections for home and/or garden use, connections to swimming pools and the use of pool water in the home
Rainwater tanks

4-star (or better) water efficient washing machines (one per household)
Clothes washing machines

Dual-flush toilet suites, including installation (maximum of two toilets)
Dual-flush toilet suites

50% of purchase cost up to $30 each
3-star (or better) showerheads (maximum of three showerheads)

50% of plumbing cost up to $200
Plumbing to divert laundry, bath and shower greywater onto gardens

Council approved greywater below-ground irrigations systems (including installation)
Greywater systems

Pool covers with roller (minimum 25m2 – if your council does not offer a rebate)
Existing council rebates may also apply.
Swimming pool covers and/or rollers

To take advantage of the Home WaterWise Rebate Scheme call 1800 243 585, or go to
Home WaterWise Service

You can get $150 worth of services for just $20.
Through the new in-home plumbing service, a licensed plumber will visit your home, install a range of water efficient devices and provide advice on water saving strategies.

To take advantage of the Home WaterWise Service call 1300 YOU SAVE (1300 968 728)

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