Friday 17 August 2007

A great local weather monitor

The guys at Birdcage software are onto it. I've had their very cool, and free, programme running on my 'puter for years now.

They provide the Australian Weather Stats Software. It's a small freeware application that polls real time weather statistics from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and displays them in a number of ways on your computer Desktop, or discreetly in your toolbar.

It is only applicable to Australian Observations not other countries. There was a lack of good live Australian regional weather statistics / observations in other weather applications that this is designed to provide.

With Australia roughly the geographical size of the USA and only a small number of capital cities, these are of little use as the stations are often some distance from the users (like us here in the Far North). This application gets real time observations from over 720 BOM weather stations, plus 4 day forecasts and rain images.


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