Sunday 26 August 2007

Local Transition workshop - Tue 4th September

Time to get involved folks!

The Local Transition Committee workshop will be held at the Cairns Colonial Club, 18 Cannon Street, Manunda, Cairns, on Tuesday 4th September.
Register by sending an email here.

Attendance is open to:-
- CEOs, and those that are, or intending to apply for Interim Chief Executive Officer positions;
- Douglas and Cairns Councillors, or considering being a member of the next Council; (don't tell Kevin)
- Union representatives

The workshops are a joint initiative between the Department of Local Government, Local Government Association Queensland and Local Government Managers Australia, with key input from relevant unions.

Cairns City Council and Douglas Shire Council are responsible for registering all delegates to the workshop, including union representatives.

The Local Transition Committee (LTC) guidelines are now available

A LTC will be established for Cairns/Douglas. This committee will be the principal group to transition for our new Council up until the March 2008 local body elections, and will be supported by the State Transition Committee.


  • Two councillors as local government representatives from each of the councils
  • Up to three union representatives
  • A community representative, if required by the LTC
  • Interim CEO.

Key deliverables

  • Appointment of a chair
  • Appointment of the interim CEO
  • Approval of an interim executive corporate structure
  • Oversight and preparation of a Transition Action Plan - to guide the new council in prioritising decisions, actions and projects in effecting implementation of new structural arrangements.

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