Thursday 16 August 2007

Leonardo, whereout thou Kate?

I'm a greenie. I'll admit that. Just don't tell my mum.

That's why I chose Cairns as my home. However in the 7 short years that I've been living here, apartments are going up faster than in any city in Australia, and on any available green space. We can hardly breathe.

Did you know we used to have a heap of Council camping grounds? Count them now, if you can. You'll find them on Google Earth by looking for the apartments built on most beachfronts.

We're all getting boxed in, no matter where you live. On the beaches; the CBD; Southside (look at that Glenwood 300-apartment complex disaster that Council approved - wrapping around the BP Servo at Woree... where the Councillors asleep at that planning meeting? Where they bribed? Where they simply doing math on the additional rate revenue? Hate to be the Pizza boy that has to deliver to Apartment 196a.

(Open in Google Earth)

Apartments, apartments, apartments, apartments, apartments, apartments, apartments, apartments. I think the Council chambers should be converted into one and Tom and Udo could design it for them. Have we assumed that families these days consist of a single guy (or gal)? Or a couple with no kids? Maybe this Council is really gay-friendly and all this new accommodation is suited to them!

Actually, they aren't embracing of difference. The mean buggers wouldn't even allow a function to be held in the Council reception room on December 1st for World Aids Day.. evidently because it has "nothing to do with the community".

These are some reasons why we need a change in local Government. This is why you need to make a change early next year and rally your friends to do the same.

With this in mind, and following in the vain of Al Gore's gripping and compelling An Inconvenient Truth, Leonardo DiCaprio is a passionate believer in all things earthly.

He's not just another actor with a cause or two. Some years ago he wanted to invest his wealth and fame into something with a legacy and established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. It fosters environmental awareness through participation with Natural Resources Defense Council, Global Green USA, the International Fund For Animal Welfare, and National Geographic Kids.

Tomorrow he launches his DocoFilm The 11th Hour. It will be released in Australia today. Here's the trailer.

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