Wednesday 29 August 2007

Mr McKenzie, you blamed the wrong folk

Isn't is satisfying.. to a degree, that the Cairns Amateurs has accepted responsibilty for all the liquor licensing issues around the upcoming annual event.

Margaret Keech, Queensland's Liquor Licensing Minister, said the compromise had been brokered by the State Government and agreed to by Cairns Jockey Club and the Cairns Amateurs Association. No one else.

Let's not forget that there have been a load on problems in past years with under-age drinking, and generally wanker-type behaviour and intoxication.

Therefore the Liquor Licensing Authority agreed that the Cairns Jockey Club would be de-licensed for the Amateurs meeting this year. They were issued with a General Purpose Permit. This made them fully responsible for all liquor licensing issues.

"The granting of a permit to the Amateurs will give the association total control of licensed areas on the racecourse," Minister Keech said yesteray.

"This means they will be able to review the decisions of the Cairns Jockey Club to impose entry conditions on teenagers and to restrict the supply of alcohol to corporate guests."

Last year, the police made 34 arrests , 14 traffic infringement notices, made 2,646 intercepts and conducted RBTs at the Amateurs.

Boy, they need to lighten up and have a drink.

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Anonymous said...

it's a shame it's come to this; the mayor's comments usually rankle, but this time his bombastic bluster has a place... the Jockey Club it seems is the instigator of all this bad blood... it's got certain Hedley apparatchiki's manouverings all over it... and look who's copping the flak... Licensing Division and the Amateurs mob. If the CJC were so concerned about a modicum of antisocial behaviour at last year's event, why act so tardily and in such a blanket fashion? The CJC has overstepped the mark... most of us were happy to see the track stay at Canon Pk, but when they do this to the cardinal event of the Cairns social calendar, it makes me think they're drunk on power... perhaps Licensing' should look at their irresponsible antisocial behaviour ... book them!