Tuesday 21 August 2007

Liquor Authority are amateurs

I'm not much of a race goer. Nor do I drink much these days.

Horses running around in circles all afternoon long ... I've never worked out what the point is.
However, I do know that the atmosphere of a day at the days is rather unique. Following the Queensland Liquor Licensing Authority's recommendation to ban patrons' booze at the Cairns Amateurs on Friday 7th & Saturday 8th September, I can rightfully understand the anger from thousands who attend the event year after year.

There is also a threat that those under 18yrs will be allowed entry. Seems this 'pseudo fun police' are now not only threatening almost every nite spot in Cairns with breaches and fines left, right and centre, but now the general non-clubbers are seeing the wrath of their ways. Every fan of the famous Cairns Amateurs, should take a look at the Headless Horseman's story yesterday. You'll make a few connections.

There's Time OUT shows, raids on visiting bikers, dog searches at public events, Liquor nerd cops hiding covertly in nite clubs, and booze bans. We are becoming a very boring community.

Time we took this into our own hands and take ownership of events like this that add to the flavour and a special part of our community calendar.

So Eskys (or chilly bins, as us Kiwis say) are going to be banned. Let's first ban the silly lip gloss, the weird hats, the I'm-getting-laid-tonight dresses, and half-dressed rugga lads at the Racetrack... well, let's not go to far!

Cairns Jockey Club have said that it is the threat of massive fines and could loose their licence from the Liquor authority that forced it to ban patrons' drinks from tents.

This was meant to be a family event, and whilst I'm no teetotaler, I get so angry when big brother tells us what we can and can't do all the time. So long as we drink responsibly (i.e.: share it with me), then butt out of our fun Mr Liquor Authority.

What do you say... are you going?


Anonymous said...

People in Cairns are gradually twigging that something not quite right is going on just underneath the surface of things. People have been wondering why night clubs are getting tough with patrons. The reason is because they are scared of ongoing harassment from Police and Liquor Licensing.
Now that Liquor Licensing and Police have broadened their misuse of powers to attacking one of Cairns' iconic social events, the Cairns Amateurs, it should be obvious to everybody that our Aussie way of life is under assault in Cairns.
A recent news report on the first year of the smoking laws is revealing. There were a total of 34 smoking fines issued in Central and Northern Queensland in the past year - one in Rocky, two each in Mackay and Townsville and a whopping 29 in Cairns! So what does this tell us? Does this mean that our police and Liqour Licensing Nazis are more diligent?
Of course not. We have seen the monumental stuff-up over the big rock concert on The Esplanade where massive searches of 1000 patrons resulted in only eight drug busts.
This week we saw massive amounts of police resources wasted in harassing the Coffin Cheaters, a relatively harmless bikie association described by our police with such breathtaking sensational ignorance as "outlaws".
Again, a couple of minor drug infringements, but nothing serious to warrant such an expensive operation.
So we can hardly describe our local law officers as diligent.
Liquor Licensing and Cairns Police should be embarassed at how they are flogging our community.
We are the premier tourist region in Queensland and the local police and Liquor Licensing are joining forces to destroy our hospitable image and our values which overseas tourists enjoy when they meet us.
Now that the Police and Liquor Licensing have turned their sights away from the Coffin Cheaters, they are now taking aim at another bunch of "outlaws" - racegoers.
I hope now that the general community can see what is going on, it is time for everybody to speak up and say enough is enough.
We want a police force and a Liquor Licensing Division that will support our community and protect us - not destroy our way of life.
It has got to the stage where we must demand this.

Anonymous said...

Peter Bartholomuse said...
this is a complaint I have just made to the Liquor Licensing mob:
I am stunned by your heavy handed treatment of the Cairns Amateurs Race Meeting. The restrictions you have placed on the organisers and at such a late stage makes for an unworkable scenario. It has been a tradition for many years for racegoers to picnic in tents, wine and dine at the expense of corporate sponsors, enjoy the ambience of the races without having to fight the very large crowds that gather for this special day. Your inflexible approach to one of Cairns' iconic social events has created an inflammtory situation, one which will only hurt this town, locally, nationally and internationally. Already there have been cancellations and no doubt there will be more. Racegoers are there to have fun, to mix with friends and business acquaintences and to drink responsibly. I expect the repercussions of your actions will resound long after the event. I don't expect any easing of these draconian restrictions, however in future years, I would hope that your interpretation and enforcement of the Act will be more in keeping with community expectations.

Tue Aug 21, 11:47:00 AM