Thursday 30 August 2007

South Park legal downloads

Well, this is big news for online TV and movie buffs, and the way of the future.

Viacom has agreed to make South Park available legitimately online for no charge, but will be profit sharing on advertising from the websites you download them from.

They have worked out that we are now in a global market and the moment an episode comes out in the US, people all around the world want to view it. To date, the only way to do this has been illegal file sharing.

Meanwhile, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have agreed to a 3 year extension of their hit show, that has won an Emmy and Peabody awards. This will add an additional 42 episodes, taking it through to 2011.

Matt Stone said: "Three more years of 'South Park' will give us the opportunity to offend that many more people. And since Trey and I are in charge of the digital side of South Park, we can offend people on their cell phones, game consoles, and computers too. It's all very exciting for us."

Currently in its 11th season, South Park averages over 3 million viewers per premiere episode and has been the highest rated original series among men 18-34 for four years running, and the #1 show on all of television among men 18-24. No surprises there.

PS: One of my fav South Park sketches.

Hat Tip: Kiwiblog

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