Sunday 19 August 2007

Kevin the Stripper

Kevin Rudd admitted today that he visiting a strip club while representing Australia at the United Nations in New York, four years ago.

Rudd visited Scores Strip Club when he as Opposition Foreign Affairs Minister. However, this Blog has no evidence that he had any foreign affairs during the visit.

Rudd says he could not recall the events of the evening because he 'had too much to drink'. Evidently, he was asked to leave because of "inappropriate behaviour", according to an Australian diplomat. However, the club's manager said he 'behaved like a perfect gentleman'... whatever that means!

Sounds like a lot of folk in high-pressure jobs, occasionally enjoys getting on the turps. Gosh, we all do. Dirt and Politics, regardless of the severity, still go hand in hand. Goes to show, if you seek public office, your closet is open slather for anyone to share.
Would you like everything in your past to be disclosed?

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Anonymous said...

It is funny to watch how some of the MALE media are trying to blow Kevin's night out into a huge scandal thing, while most women are yawning.