Saturday 18 August 2007

My ABC.. post yours as well!

Now let's go through my ABC's...

A= Attitude. Give some, receive some...all in good balance.
B= Banter. Love a good dialogue and discussion.
C= Content, commited and compassionate.
D= Daring. Wanna make a difference on this planet while I'm here.
E= Earth. I'm in love with the land (and outdoors) and what it offers us.
F= Friends. The best antidote for true success
G= Go Go Go. Always on the go.
H= Humor, without it where would we be?
I= Individuality. (I used to be indecisive, but now I not quite sure)
J= Jealousy is not cool.
K= Kindness. I reward and acknowledge those who make a difference in my life.
L= Love, oh wouldn't that be perfect. Sigh.
M= Mum. She's 86 now and we still communicate every other day.
N= Neat and tidy... not!
O= Outspoken. Everyone has an opinion to share.
P= Prince charming... where out thou?
Q= Quality. Try to give my best every time.
R= Right wing politics is rarely accomodating and nearly always divides rich from poor.
S= Single, grrrrr!
T= Touchy feelie. Touch is a dying art in this crazy suspicious world we live in.
U= Unruffled. I'm easy going and easy to talk to and with.
V= Veracious. If u can't tell the truth, don't bother
W= Wimps. I like people to have a strong opinion, no matter what that is.
X= Xenophobia is not for me.
Y= Why? "Y". I always love to question and ask and seek.
Z= Zenith. Where I'd like to always aim for.

Now you know my ABCs.. time to post yours here too... come on!

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