Friday 17 August 2007

News Corp's green contribution

Australia contributes 1.4% of World Energy CO2 emissions (2002 figures).

For the purpose of comparison:–
- USA contributes 23.5% of global emissions,
- China 14.6%,
- the EU 11.6%.

However, when we adjust the numbers on a per capita basis, Australians become the worst carbon emitters – with an average per capita emission of 14 tonnes each year.

Kudos to News Limited for setting up 1 Degree, their corporate contribution to energy overuse.

They state that The Cairns Post, published six days a week, is part of a group that also includes the Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette, Cairns Sun, Tablelands Advertiser and a print centre in Portsmith.

In the year to June 2006, the Cairns Post group had a carbon footprint of 2,077 tonnes.

Improvements to lighting, air conditioning and power management have been the focus of energy saving initiatives to date. Further improvements in these areas are planned, along with wake-on-LAN technology for desktop computers, reductions in computer room power and air conditioning loads, bio-diesel for generators and more energy efficient air compressors. The first hybrid vehicle for the company has just been purchased.

They are soon to add a Carbon Calculator to the site. LINK HERE

The Cairns Post also have a E-copy of the paper, and all their other publications. It costs $2 per issue or $20 a month ($250 a year, about $0.80c an issue)

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