Monday 27 August 2007

CairnsBlog goes on ABC Far North!

On Wednesday morning, I'll be on air chatting with Derek Tipper.

Derek's standing in for Pat Morrish on the ABC Far North's Morning Show.

ABC Local Radio is 106.7 FM or for those with a gramophone, 801 AM.

I'll be on from 8.30am for an hour or so. We'll talk about blogging generally, particularly the effect it has on journalism and news reporting.


Anonymous said...

The pleasant smiling face of another pretend journalist.

When the conformist media stop reporting the truth (too worried about our job security and pensions, eh what?), regular people try to fill the breach.

In 2008, the mainstream media - including tamed public institutions such as the ABC - are equivalent in their role to quacks in the Middle Ages.

At best, harmless. At worst, dangerous.

See this impressive and growing list of courageous 9-11 sceptics and then explain why 'our' ABC has NEVER once given fair coverage to critics of the 9-11 and 7-7 false-flag operations.

These events, after all, were crucial to the launch an essentially bogus 'War on Terror', a 'war' in which Australia has become inextricably enmeshed (20+ pieces of anti-civil liberties legislation and counting...).

You are a nice bloke Derek. But silence, Derek, is consent.

Anonymous said...

Note to editor:

Please correct the year in my previous post (if you choose to post it).

The rest of the post is, I believe, 100% accurate.


Michael P Moore said...

What are you requesting to alter Sid?

Anonymous said...

Just the year, Michael.

But you may as well let it stand - like "spot the deliberate mistake".

Fine blog, BTW.

Well done for helping grow FNQ media that isn't controlled by the Murdoch Empire. There's precious little of it at the moment.

A local example of how low, IMO, the ABC has already sunk...

When trying to attract the interest of ABC reporters in covering the issue of FNQ 2025 in the run-up to the last State election, I was politely told that because the story hadn't had much of a run in local newspapers, the ABC didn't view it as a significant election story.

In other words... when Rupert Murdoch's rags decided that a new plan for the entire region wasn't a story worth bothering readers with, the ABC meekly concurred.

No mention (God forbid) that only ONE proprietor controls FNQ's newspapers.

How pathetic is that?

No longer OUR ABC (as the ads would have you believe).

Rupert's ABC, perhaps?

I call it the little bear.

Two decades ago, then ABC Chairman David Hill - a man who did have vision for the institution and was cut down to size accordingly - ran an ad campaign informing Australians that the ABC cost each one of them only 8 cents a day. The take home message: what a bargain! At the time, I fully agreed.

These days, I just write off my daily 8+ cents as a way of contributing to the perks and pensions of a few old friends who apparently gave up on real journalism many years ago...

For real news, one goes elsewhere.

I admit the ABC's gardening programs are high quality. It's doubtless the same for sport.

But for real news and open, honest discussion on topics such as the ludicrously mis-named Intelligence Agencies, the (bogus) 'War on Terror', Zionism and Israel, 9-11 and 7-7, the Port Arthur Massacre, the Hilton Bombings, World War 2 history and the plutocrats who play our political system like an orchestra... one must go elsewhere for trivia such as that.

That's why I claimed previously that the willful ignoramuses and/or self-censoring time-servers who constitute Australia's contemporary cohort of mainstream journalists are harmless at best, dangerous at worst.

Oh, and I challenge the ABC to provide a platform for that viewpoint, which I am most willing to substantiate with copious references....

Perhaps I should complain to the Lowy Institute? :-)